Are Tampons Evil?


NOTE: I do not recommend using Tampons on a regular basis. There are warnings on every box of Toxic Shock Syndrome when using Tampons. However convenient it may be to use Tampons during a high intensity sport, it is phenomenally more comfortable to use pads during a regular moment of the menstruation cycle. Additionally, Tampons are abrasive upon the vaginal wall and can really hurt! ☀️ Don’t use a tampon unless you really need it.

Women Need to Accept Their Bodies

Self-acceptance has been all the rage in several social groups in America. The sad truth is that no amount of propaganda can ever help human beings to understand and accept their bodies because the concept of a male or female can never be guaranteed by a lie. The movement of Godism that is quietly branching out through America’s population like the arteries of God’s heartbeat demands that men and women be at their best physically mentally and spiritually; How else would we attend God with all our mind and strength as the Holy Bible tells us to do? Thus, women should know their sanitary options.

Menstruation Sanitary Pads


When the monthly cycles causes a woman’s body to bleed without her effort or knowing or control it is really difficult sometimes to be that wonder woman athlete when a woman has to collect her dripping vaginal blood on a liner that is stuck to the bottom of her underwear, and pads often rip apart during sports practice. Scientifically we know that our bodies have a sexual part. However, menstruating is not an act of sex. How then is it that women bleed every month without “falling” spiritually? God made our bodies to function so we should respond to that function according to his Principle.

Mentruation Sanitary Options

Functionality v. Human Fall

Human Fall is an illicit love union between human beings. Menstruation sanitary measures are not a form of illicit love but that of cleanliness and well-being. As a child, menstruation is enough to deal with just on its own and pads are an excellent way to start to take care of that monthly blood renewal inside the womb. At that young age, it is way too shocking to even understand a tampon. As a high-schooler and West Point candidate, I did finally try a tampon once or twice in Senior year when my athletic routines became more aggressive. As necessity presents itself, it is a good idea to use a tampon without fearing the sexual or spiritual integrity of a woman’s soul or identity or purity. I did not like tampons but the period really isn’t that long anyways so I seldom used them. Mothers especially may find tampon and menstrual cups useful so that they no longer feel as though they are still swathed in diapers as mature women from month to month.

~ Somiya

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