Briefly Put – S.W. Reporter Series

U.S. Copyright Denied to AI Content

Dear Somiya Gabb: I’ve finished reviewing the material that you submitted with your application, as well as your correspondence to date. What you have sent the Copyright Office consists of several elements: XML, HTML source code, WordPress settings, and the text and associated data from WordPress entries. Unfortunately, the majority of this is not something…

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Poole v. Jackson, 1 S.W. 75 (1886)

1. Citation Poole v. Jackson, 1 S.W. 75, (1886) 2. Issue Whether an executed will of a foreign (out of state) probate court can be upheld in the state of Texas. 3.   Rule Poole’s claim to the deed in the chain of title to the land in controversy was “properly ruled out” by the Supreme…

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Writers’ Vein

Discovery writing on scenes, places, different peoples and ways of life.

Maybe even a song.