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don’t laugh!

What’s a story made of but the real things – people, time, objects, places and the magic of fiction? Writers’ Vein is a discovery of the captured moments in writing. I’ll write, you read and maybe we’ll laugh about it in a few years.

Let’s Have An Adventure

A snapshot in a moment of time of something so far away could be worth pursuing, one day.

If all it takes is fifteen minutes a day to learn a new language then we can learn our writing to take flight.

Let’s hang out

Nolan Small

Nolan Small – a key phrase

Articles that are accompanied with the key phrase “Nolan Small” could contain inappropriate sexual content, etc., which, is why they are not recommended for children. This notice stands as a disclaimer for those who do choose to read the writing of Nolan Small.

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West Point

Free school Hard work. Exercise. Enjoy going to school No one funded me. I believed that I would be enough True Father told me so. If there is a cost on God’s word I guess you could say that my…

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