Emily Poems

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  • A Prayer for Friendship

    A Prayer for Friendship

    Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for your grace. over us two friends in the world and even our moms are friends (!) Thank you thank you thank you. Please heal my friend from the loss of her mom and the pain of not having a mom I pray that we can be good friends forever! … More A Prayer for Friendship Read more

  • Reading – Emily Poems

    Reading – Emily Poems

    Read in the morning read read read! Read in the evening read read read But when you’re eating lunch in the afternoon It’s such good fun. Just run! Reading at snack time reading in bed Oh, ‘s there a place you’ll not go with a book in your hand? Emily let’s play! “OK.” You grab … More Reading – Emily Poems Read more

  • A Poem For Emily II

    A Poem For Emily II

    The moon in its crescent smile glows so brightly overhead I am filled with hope and sadness and fear We are hated without reason as almost a necessary brocade of cloth Cuttings made from the finest things for the better fabric of people Excluded in hatred to the dregs of life but still the crescent … More A Poem For Emily II Read more