Winter cold shrouded her in her woolen shawl. Malilly clutched it tightly around her arms over her shoulders. Biting cold whistled across the rooftop and the stars absorbed the howling of the wind through tall forest trees. The air was icy outside. Untold threats and pending disasters in this human-made nightmare plunged Malilly into a … More Sadness

Forest King

You. Large trees loom above you in their magnificence. An awesome power and history seep out of their height like the sap from a maple tree. Upon the lowest bough you draw a line from one splendid limb flung across to another. Hanging upon that measure is your very life. Protection and friendship with the … More Forest King

Mind is an Attic

I stand in front of a tall green wall of pine wood and the paint slightly peels and bubbles in places. A fresh old smell mixes with filtered sunshine past the glass of the closed window. I run my finger along the pane. Hmm, needs washing. I walk around the dusty floorboards and whistle through … More Mind is an Attic

A Few Tips to Keep Your Voice At Its Best!

For those of us who can’t stop singing, here are five essential tips to keep our voices resonating: 1. Exercise Regularly: A singer’s voice comes mainly from air and vocal chords so it’s important to keep our breathing clear and strong. Daily exercise helps to enlarge our lungs and promotes a healthy diaphragm–essential organs which … More A Few Tips to Keep Your Voice At Its Best!