Brown v. Board of Ed. Of Topeka, Shawnee County, Kan., 347 U.S. 483, 74 S. Ct. 685, 98 L.Ed. 873 (1954)

I started this blog with the intention that it would be my exposition to share with you. I’m not writing legal advice. I started with a crusade for music, innocence and true love. Now, this November 2022, I want to cross the broken glass with a bright and enthusiastic pep for all that has … More Brown v. Board of Ed. Of Topeka, Shawnee County, Kan., 347 U.S. 483, 74 S. Ct. 685, 98 L.Ed. 873 (1954)

My Cup Runs Over

Recently, I started a vlog (video log) in a week-long series called “April 3rd to April 9th 2022 Weight Loss”. I’ve been posting my links regularly on social media (because where else would I share them) as part of my devotion to the weight loss that I’ve determined of myself. I have been one of … More My Cup Runs Over

Johannah Lives

Johannah Part III A very special package arrived in the mail. Johannah took it to his room. Safe inside his house he opened the package. It was the second emerald. He offered it to God and True Parents with his wife. Finally, the Kingship of God in his family had physical representation and crowing by … More Johannah Lives

Johannah Exiled

Johannah Part II The King stood enraged at Johannah. “Your father and mother are crazy. You are insane. You are nothing but a zero to us. A ZERO!” The crowd was silent. They looked at Johannah timidly because he was someone they truly admired and he was now greatly shamed. Johannah left the holy Sanctuary. … More Johannah Exiled

Are Tampons Evil?

Foreward: NOTE: I do not recommend using Tampons on a regular basis. There are warnings on every box of Toxic Shock Syndrome when using Tampons. However convenient it may be to use Tampons during a high intensity sport, it is phenomenally more comfortable to use pads during a regular moment of the menstruation cycle. Additionally, … More Are Tampons Evil?

SONIC Cyclone

“We got off the ship. Actually, I don’t know how we ended up there. We were on our way to—” “Wait, don’t tell them,” Margaret interjects. “Why not?” “I haven’t had my turn yet.” Mary sips her tea then bends back over her tightly crossed legs and places her tea-cup on the plate. She adjusts … More SONIC Cyclone