West Point

Free school Hard work. Exercise. Enjoy going to school No one funded me. I believed that I would be enough True Father told me so. If there is a cost on God’s word I guess you could say that my upbringing was expensive. Did I want it? ~ Somiya

Wins and Losses

Funny how things are often won in small-town USA. Sometimes you wake up and it’s all going down wrong Then you realize that you are in a very weird town that no one really cares to know exists Except you. Sadness is to know that you cared for love Every expected turn was dissuaded and … More Wins and Losses

U.S. Copyright Denied to AI Content

Dear Somiya Gabb: I’ve finished reviewing the material that you submitted with your application, as well as your correspondence to date. What you have sent the Copyright Office consists of several elements: XML, HTML source code, WordPress settings, and the text and associated data from WordPress entries. Unfortunately, the majority of this is not something … More U.S. Copyright Denied to AI Content

Left Left West

How far is too far if we miss the stop and turn back one mile Signs read left so I turned West and just kept going ‘cause that’s where they said I’d find you. The tender heart of a poor child plaid up with riches, good school, good mind, good car. Yet something’s gone and … More Left Left West

A Poem For Emily

Sapphires rubies and emeralds green Languages from nations across the sea Delights of the world and family Come softly in the beak of a dove Where did that dove pluck such glory? Yet a mountain, rich and green, peaks above. Our brothers live! In fasting in prayer in condition, devotion The green olive branch is … More A Poem For Emily