Johannah the Warrior

Johannah Part I

Johannah was a big and strong warrior. He knelt before the LORD in the dry desert sand. He had a really cool shiny black jeep with tires that were huge. The special thing about his jeep was that it could turn into a hotel tent so that it had nice room on the top of the car and a full camping tent below it. Right now, Johannah was praying to God at a little pine tree in Nevada. Johannah loved Heavenly Father so much. Tears streamed down his cheeks. He felt God’s pain at not being able to even call His own children His own.

Jesus had been born by the Holy Spirit from the miracle of the union between priest Zechariah and innocent Mary ages ago in Jerusalem. Now, True Parents had also given birth to Johannah. When the Holy Spirit returned to Heaven Johannah was left behind on earth.

“Love, life, and lineage, of these three lineage is the most precious. Yet without oxygen blood would not exist. You have often said that love is the oxygen of heaven. So, I will continue living my life with Your lineage in love. Aju.” Johannah acknowledged that it was reality in front of God, his own report. Jesus had taught the world to pray to God in acknowledgement of the truth through himself as adopted brothers and sisters to the LORD. On top of that, True Father had given humankind the ability to be of the truth itself, as God’s children in His direct bloodline.

Johannah wrapped up the tent into the roof trunk, which, tucked away everything so neatly that no one could tell that there was a hotel tent upon his jeep top. He knew what to do. The next day, Johannah and his wife arrived at their new home. Satan was lurking at every opportunity to strike him dead. Yet God had provided another miracle for them to leave Satan’s last attack. This time, they arrived in a beautiful and settled land. Here, Johannah and his wife made a spiritual condition of 120 days to erect a force-field in Heaven on Earth to protect this place where their house stood. They called it God’s Firm Foundation.

So it was that Johannah and his wife lived in that land from this day forward and raised their children there. It was God’s home base. At this time, there was a great turmoil around the world. The Kingship of God also had other domains. Wherever a child had been born of the Holy Spirit, who on earth had been known as the True Parents, there He had another home base. It was a miracle! In Heaven the trinity of God was complete. There was nothing Satan could do to prevent God’s children from standing on His Firm Foundation. It was truly a miracle.

…To Be Continued…

~ Somiya


Johannah Part II

Johannah Part III

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