Johannah Lives

Johannah Part III

A very special package arrived in the mail. Johannah took it to his room. Safe inside his house he opened the package. It was the second emerald. He offered it to God and True Parents with his wife. Finally, the Kingship of God in his family had physical representation and crowing by the things of creation – not just in symbol but in actuality. Johannah breathed a sigh of relief. The King and Queen were acting tensely around him lately. They hadn’t told him anything yet. God’s Kingship was so precious and God had made it clear to him that he had received a mission. He couldn’t wait to tell the King and Queen.

The next Sunday arrived. Johannah and his family piled into the car and drove down to Pennsylvania to meet the King and Queen at the holy Sanctuary. He couldn’t wait to tell the King about God’s message for him to go to Nevada. Johannah had been preparing for this move for an extremely long time.

He planned to convince his wife that it was time to go after telling the King and Queen this Sunday. He walked into the Sanctuary and he felt a very strange atmosphere thick like the maroon red of a devil’s food cake. Something was not right. When he walked into the chapel he felt danger but he couldn’t understand what was wrong. So, he decided to sit and listen to the King’s message. Before he knew it, Johannah was attacked and thrown out of the Sanctuary.

When they got home, it didn’t take long for Johannah and his wife to agree that it was time to go. His wife especially, was very scared of taking the leap from the rock on which they stood, the mountain that had held them as in the palm of God’s hand. But Johannah knew it was time to go, now that the King had forced his community to betray his life existence to the death.

For seven years, Johannah had helped the King as his great envoy and spokesperson but he never hid the fact that the Queen had an evil passion for him. He let it be known clearly to the King and people so that he would never have any fault in her secret plans against him. Johannah fled for his life once his wife finally understood the great danger that would manifest itself upon them if they stayed close to the King.

Johannah, in all this, however, was very lucky because once he arrived in Nevada, his brother surprised him by meeting him there with the brand new hotel tent jeep that he had invented. He told Johannah that the Queen’s evil had gotten so bad that the King had had no choice but to make him flee in order to preserve the integrity of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. In fact, the King was very happy that Johannah had made it out alive.


~ Somiya


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