Johannah Exiled

Johannah Part II

The King stood enraged at Johannah. “Your father and mother are crazy. You are insane. You are nothing but a zero to us. A ZERO!”

The crowd was silent. They looked at Johannah timidly because he was someone they truly admired and he was now greatly shamed. Johannah left the holy Sanctuary.

The night before, the Queen had told the King to kill Johannah if he ever tried to touch her. For many years now, the Queen had been secretly practicing evil magic underneath their mountain palace. She had a small room and a desk with little figurines and bottles and even gems on it. Every night at one-o’clock in the morning when the King slept she crept down into that dark room with her sister there to pray.

They prayed for the entrapment of Johannah in small pretty whispers that were nevertheless truly powerful. The Queen’s position to be ruler over her people was given to her by God in a time when the True Parents had been alive and trusted her. She and the King had stood to inherit God’s Kingship on Earth in three different coronation ceremonies around the world. Yet the Queen wanted something. She was so desirous of a man that she could never have that she finally hypnotized herself into an endless race for her self-satisfaction. She had been watching him since he was a child. Convinced that it was for God’s glory, she dedicated herself every night to Johannah’s imprisonment. The Queen’s lust for Johannah was so strong that she even betrayed True Father to his death. Now, that Johannah was so near, her evil passion licked with painful fire at the closeness of being with Johannah.

Every Sunday when the Kingdom people gathered she watched for Johannah. There he was, always laughing and telling jokes with the Heavenly Queens and having serious conversations with the Heavenly Kings in the congregation. She watched their families discuss land acquisition and farming and equipment, law and housing and so forth. Johannah prayed for their people with ease and sincerity. Her heart fluttered for him. Could anyone be so deserving of love as Johannah? Any time the King needed anything Johannah would meet his needs and even go beyond their expectations. Life was a party with Johannah. The Queen sucked her teeth, how dare this rascal belittle her worth as Queen! Anyone who had the King’s attention and trust beyond her measure should not exist.

Every day, the Queen’s evil magic grew more strongly against Johannah with the secret spiritual condition that she kept with her sister one hour after midnight every night. Soon, the Queen was able to control the minds of all the Ladies and Lords of the Kingdom community. They created difficult social scenarios for Johannah. Johannah, ever the outspoken man, had no problem buffeting these strange Satanic attacks. He never feared to tell the community about his opinion on the Queen – how she would always speak and act strangely around him.

Then, the Queen saw Johannah as a threat to her power and her love for him turned into a craze. She fantasized about his touch on her skin and their love together but he never seemed to care about her. Johannah always looked at her like a dirty little fly to flick off of his hairy arms. He was loyal to the King and she knew that but the Queen was absolutely desperate for Johannah’s attention. The only affection that she could ever get out of Johannah was when he spoke to people about her as though she was a nuisance! She convinced the King to understand that Johannah only wanted to steal her sexual purity.

The King believed in his wife the Queen. He tore Johannah into pieces before the Kingdom people with shame. After Johannah left the Sanctuary that last Sunday, the King issued a proclamation to the people that Johannah should be imprisoned or killed to the death. He was, from that day forward, forbidden to enter the Sanctuary and the Kingdom people were never to have anything more to do with Johannah. He was exiled forever.

…To Be Continued…

~ Somiya


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