Golden Mermaid Chains

She places a finger to her lips. “Mermaid, you have a task to fulfill for me. You are talented beyond all women. Please, go into your master’s house. You must set his house in motion again, for his pleasure. I must see that you light his chandeliers and ignite his lamps with the beauty that still belongs to you. Your intelligence and your strength that you feel has been half spent; it has indeed been nothing but a wasted investment. You and I know that. The beauty of your life…it tires you. It is tragic.

You have seen people die under his vehemence. You have been dressed in His lace and you have known his scorn but you know that even though you have received nothing in return for your wishes that you are so wise and extremely knowledgeable about his every asset. He keeps you jealously. So, please. I want to send you this letter as energy because I know it holds the air that you need to grow your hair long. Isn’t that what you want? Being in the world of riches and the one thing that you can never guarantee is the length and health of your hair. Some lose it despite good health, for others it is perpetually thin. But, my dear mermaid sister. You will have beautiful long black hair and it will be good for you.

Light up his house with fragrance and let it not rest in death. Several men of his generations have secured this dwelling and the only thing that they want is for it to continue. As for me, I will see you do this for your master before I leave, whom you love and cower away from in pain.”

The mermaid whose name is Delilah wears a beige, fashionably frayed suit. Her wavy red wig of long luscious hair is thrown aside and it floats away in a beam of golden sunlight. The golden chains upon her neck hang beneath her jacket, heavily upon her glowing bright skin. Her body is tight and supple. She is still nature’s masterpiece of youth and beauty from her head to her toes despite the years that have passed. A long very special chain hangs over the thick silken lapels of her suit. She gingerly fingers the clock, so finely made – almost magic. One that should never be sold. Her black hair is tied into a tight knob at the back of her head. She is beautiful but she lacks a good head of hair. She stands in the courtyard of her master’s mansion and stares at this speaker. It is a very extravagant and wealthy house. Shocked into stillness, her mouth hangs open at the appearance of His daughter floating in an air-balloon under the sea; that she would have these words especially for her.

Water is thick between them, both can feel the immeasurable distance between each other and also the miracle of their closeness. She is in full understanding of God’s message through this sister. Suddenly, as if a dark evil spell is broken, Delilah at once goes through her master’s house more quickly than human eyes can see, more deeply than anyone can understand. In that moment, she creates the magic of her spirit and lights up his house. She comes out again just to make sure she didn’t just walk into a dream and see the phantom of happiness – the vision of freedom floating before her.

Yet there the sister stands in her wicker basket outside the house, as in a dream, floating in a tremendous colorful air-balloon. “Quickly, Delilah.”

~ Somiya

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