DPconversations – 훈독회

Throughout the last seven years, whether it was the experience of attending True Father’s thirteen hour lectures, or the bright love of multiple nationalities mingling in the congregation as we found our seats and celebrated with the Lord at His Second Coming, or the peace of knowing that this world would be alright because True Parents loved us and protected us and spoke to us my intention was to share only the best thoughts with you. If DPconversations reached you and you told me that it helped (many of you did), thank you.

God’s Providence continues with as much love as it did when He began. God loves you. I’m just a sister; hug a sister and let’s let True Parents take care of the rest. Besides, DPconversations could never replicate True Father. He showed me in a dream that I should not worry about giving Hoon Dok Hae, also known as the daily reading of Holy Scripture to people, because He was going to take care of it. He showed me this dream because I had been praying to him for a while about my unworthiness, and also pain, in being unable to carry His perfect word in my mouth to share with all of humankind for the rest of my life forever.

Before I sign off I want to share with you the reason why God’s Providence is not as simple as the snap of the fingers and God destroys Satan and everything is OK. Let’s hear it from the True Father:

Why is the all-knowing and almighty God unable to wipe out Satan at one stroke? If He did so, that act would end up extinguishing Adam, Eve and the creation and destroying the ideal sphere of love as well. That is why He is prevented from doing so. The absolute Lord has the responsibility to absolutely fulfill what He said He would do. Despite Satan’s fickleness, attacks and tenacious persecution, the Lord God has endured throughout history in order to recover His established principles. Nobody has known of this God. (208-256, 1990.11.20) (CSG, 145)

In the book of Job, God gave Satan all he asked for. Why? God cannot respond to Satan with the same behavior as the devil because God is the essence of love for other. So God is the essence of truth. (144-161, 1986.4.12). (CSG, 146)

Throughout history, the all-knowing and almighty God wins over His enemy not by utilizing His strength and power, but by bringing him into submission through the principles of love. God’s desire is to bring His enemy to voluntarily and completely submit before God and gratefully receive humanity’s judgment in the position of the servant. Unless this happens his sins cannot be indemnified. (42-279, 1971.3.27) (CSG, 150)

천성경. Cheon Seong Gyeong. Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. Sunghwa Publishing Company. June 13, 2006 (Book 1, Chapter 4, Section 4, pp.145-150)

God will take care of you with HDH. Please take these Canonized texts of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon that I downloaded years ago and read them. That’s it for DPconversations, folks! All be well, and God Bless You.

~ Somiya

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