Forest King


Large trees loom above you in their magnificence. An awesome power and history seep out of their height like the sap from a maple tree. Upon the lowest bough you draw a line from one splendid limb flung across to another. Hanging upon that measure is your very life. Protection and friendship with the animals and the plants and even the human beings that cross your path are nearly a guarantee.

Of course, you are the king. Anyone would agree that you have your act together 100%. Even the crown you wear was marked upon your head from birth. There is no mistake, she looks at you as the king from her nest; away from your expeditions and yet so intertwined and involved. Any couple would be jealous of you two. Homo sapiens would never understand how the speed of running could be such a fantastic mating routine. There’s nothing like a good workout.

You have your own way of looking at the world. You are very protective of your nuts and you spew judgments as casually as the chitter-chatter of the forest birds. You are fancy but basic as the leader of these camp grounds. You are the apple of every hawk’s eye. Luckily, you are also very good at hiding and surviving so you are a perfect fit for the job. What is your job again? You don’t know because all you know is that God chose you to be who you are and you do it well.


Crunchy leaves surround me in the forest and I love the sweet good smell of Autumn. Is that a grub? Wait. They’re delicious, I just have to have a bite. The air is quite cool Today. I’m very happy with the change of season. I hate ticks. Whenever I see a tick on my girl I pick it right off of her. Out here, near the winter season, we love to gather twigs and the gracious foods of the forest and just revel in the majesty that the LORD has put upon our existences. Isn’t it great? I’m the king and she, my queen.

Whenever I get a chance to show off, without being touched, of course, I love to jump in front of people and display my artifacts. I especially am very proud of my outer wear. My cloak is fantastic. It literally covers my head, gives just enough space for my ears and it’s waterproof but breathable – very snug and cozy. I never have to worry about my crown in this lining because it always shows and never topples off with my movement. Life is all about balance. I have a lot of work to do just in order to show off my fantastic karate moves.

Hurry, scurry! What is that? Footsteps. Quick, scamper up that tree! Hide in the hole and tuck in my tail. Wait till they pass. Whew, that was close! I hate being seen by the occasional passerby. After all, I need to protect my nuts. The queen, where is she again? She’s gone up to watch the drama, of course. Why doesn’t she ever just stay in the hole where I put her? I have to train that girl. However, nobody knows exactly how long it will take. I treat her well. Winter is coming.

~ Somiya

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