The Importance of Trustworthy Friends


But I say this to you: your Quest stands upon the edge of a knife. Stray but a little and it will fail, to the ruin of all. Yet hope remains while all the Company is true.”

-Lord of the Rings p.348

In chapter seven of book two, Frodo and the seven other companions of the Fellowship of the Ring travel forth into Lothlorien, the highest elven dwelling in Middle Earth. Gandalf the Grey has died in the depths of the mines of Moria in is wizardly efforts to save the Company from a monstrous Balrog of Morgoth. Do you get all these different names and figures? I suppose it would be difficult for you to understand what I’m talking about here if you are not reading or familiar with the Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Nevertheless, It’s at this point of the book where the Fellowship of the Ring has gone through a sizable chunk of adventure. Not only have they solidified their resolve independently to support each other as team members but to also make it all the way to Mordor as a group. I find that that Tolkien really touches upon a deep sense of loyalty here. Although the Company may not be friends, they are committed to accomplishing the same end, especially by supporting Frodo who carries the One Ring of doom.

This is the human condition: we grope along exhausting paths to cast off the shadow of death and search for the light of life.”

-Divine Principle p.1, para.2

I hope that all people can sense this type of loyalty to do something good in their lives. In the end, God is the one that needs saving: we cannot let evil take over the world. Humans, like the Fellowship of the Ring are responsible to rid this world of evil, an evil that God did not create. I think the elves sort of symbolize all that is good and righteous. Frodo and the Company of the Fellowship of the Ring represent people who are aware of the good and evil in this world. Their journey symbolizes the struggle and toil of life as we try to cast off the shadow of death and live for the light of life. Obviously, Mordor symbolizes sinfulness, doubt, and all things evil.


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