Please Don’t Leave Me Alone

COPYRIGHT 2014 Somiya Chapman


Please Don’t Leave Me Alone


Verse 1

(F) I know I’m all (E) alone and (D) that’s all you can (E) see

That (A) my heart bleeds is (E) something you (D) just don’t know (A) about me!

I’ve been (D) scared to move (A) on but since (E) I’m still (F) alive

Life pushes (A) me on. So I thrive. (E)



It’s (D) funny how I (A) feel I’m growing (E) though I’m pretty much (A) grown

I (D) see where you’re (A) going and (E) it’s giving me hope (D) (A<E)

(E) Please don’t leave me (F) alone. (D<A)


Verse 2

I think I’d die without you my heart won’t rest alone

I need to be beside you I won’t care to hide you.

Love lasts (D) forever (A) only if two become (E) one

(F) And they (A) swear till forever (E) that

(D) God’s love’s the (E) only one.


[Repeat Chorus]



(D) Cause I know you’re going to (A) need me (D) somewhere down the road (A)

(D) And you’ll miss me ’cause I (A) won’t be (E) there…


[Repeat Chorus 2x]


Music and Lyrics COPYRIGHT 2014 Somiya Chapman


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