Victory Campaign: Day Three at Mercy College

Today I was able to distribute 300 flyers to students (and their cars 🙂 ) at Mercy. Thank you guys for your kind support!

Somiya and Roses at Mercy College

This is the third day of my campaign to get people to watch my video for the Guitar Center 2013 Singer Songwriter Contest. Guess who I met on campus? Another contestant!

Joseph at Mercy

Joseph- he says he’s in this contest too! If you want to watch his video please click on this link here to go to the contestant website.

Thank you for your kind support!

A wonderful Mercy student who promised to watch my video. Thank you for that and for taking a picture with me!

Last but not least- A Big THANK YOU to Everyone who has watched my video so far! I need your support to win! All you had to do was watch my video… and I can’t thank you enough for watching it.

video link Who says the late bloomers aren’t the most beautiful?


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