Lyrics to Only You by Somiya Chapman

Everyday’s routine becomes familiar
Your old white shirts are crisp and clean
I turn my head
You grab my hand
Without even trying our love grows stronger
You bend down and kiss me again and again! OOHH

These five words I say to you
I will always cherish you
These five words I promise you
I love you, only you.
I love you, only you.

Verse 2
Tonight’s hard work calls like a crow
At the crack of dawn I sit and write
Memories lost the war tonight
The call of nature stirs the flow
You are the only one I know!

~back to Chorus

We might bump heads a zillion times
But our ambition lies
Not in what we get
But what we can provide!

~Repeat Chorus twice, end.

Only You Lyrics 2013 Copyright Somiya Chapman

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